Take Action

Take action to stop the Chinese government from using the Confucius Institutes as a platform to spread government propaganda and to distort information about human rights in Tibet and China in our schools! Call on your school to cancel their Confucius Institutes agreements, take steps to protect academic freedom and stop new Confucius Institutes from opening.

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Expose the truth behind Confucius Institute. Tweet and post on Facebook:

#SayNO to #China’s #ConfuciusInstitutes: Don’t let an oppressive regime teach our children. Find out more: http://bit.ly/1aX28mp

3. WRITE: 
If you are a student or a concerned parent, write to the president of your school or university to ensure that the university is not violating its own standards of academic freedom at the cost of China’s propaganda.

Confucius Letter Templates:

i). Student or concerned parent/person use this: Confucius Institute letter template:

ii). Student for a Free Tibet Member use this: Confucius Institute Letter Template

Who are you targeting?
1. Universities:

Primary (include in the ‘Dear’ field): President or Director of the University/College
Secondary (include as ‘cc’ in email): Vice-President

2. Schools:
Primary (include in the ‘Dear’ field) : Chair or Director of the school board
Secondary (include as ‘cc’ in email): Vice-chair or members of the school board

4. Ask your university these 5 questions about an existing or planned Confucius Institute on campus:
1 Have you removed all clauses from your Confucius Institute agreement that specifies that the Confucius Institute conform to the customs, laws and regulations of China?

2 Have you removed all clauses from your Confucius Institute agreement that provides China with the ultimate decision-making authority in determining the quality of educational instruction?

3 In light of your Confucius Institute agreement with the Chinese government, what are the concrete steps you have taken to ensure that academic freedom is protected at your school?

4 What would you do if a student would be discouraged to ask questions about human rights and Tibet by a Confucius Institute teacher at your school?

5 What is the review process of the Confucius Institute agreement before it will be renewed and how are you including student and teacher opinions in this process?

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